Tired of Undereye Bags or Puffiness Making You Look Tired? Try Belotero Balance®

Try as you might, you can’t escape the aging process. Because your skin loses collagen and elastin — the proteins that keep you looking young — as you age, your skin starts to lose its tightness, elasticity, and moisture. As a result, your skin may start to sag, look tired, and lose its youthful look. 

The skin under your eyes is no different. This same loss of collagen and elastin leads to thinning, sagging bags, and puffiness under your eyes. This thinning also makes the blue blood vessels under your eyes more visible, which accounts for dark circles under your eyes.

Our providers at Chicque Aesthetics in Greenwich, Connecticut, are proud to offer a full range of med spa services. That’s why we’re excited to offer you an effective solution for your undereye bags with Belotero Balance®.

The nuisance of undereye thinning  

In addition to aging, there are other factors that can contribute to undereye bags, especially if you’re experiencing them in your younger years. You can get undereye bags and puffiness if you have increased stress and anxiety and if you’re not getting enough sleep. 

They can also be the result of conditions like allergies, which can puff up and redden your undereyes, and dermatitis, a skin condition characterized by irritation, rashes, and swollen, reddened skin. 

Sometimes undereye bags are caused by sun exposure, which can lead to irregularities in the pigment of your skin. Even something as simple as frequent eye rubbing can lead to puffiness, sagging, and irritation. 

The miracle of Belotero Balance

Regardless of what’s causing your eye bags, Belotero Balance can help you restore the natural youth of your eyes. An FDA-approved injectable filler, Belotero is made of hyaluronic acid, a natural chemical in your skin that helps it retain moisture and firmness. 

When we inject Belotero, we first clean and sterilize the area. We then apply a numbing cream to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Belotero also has an anesthetic so that it doesn’t hurt when injected, either. 

After your injection, we massage the serum into your undereye area so that it’s distributed evenly and more easily absorbed. Once we’re finished with the injection, you can resume your day as you normally would.   

When injected into your undereyes, Belotero plumps them so they’re not as sunken, sagging, and dark. It’s a great noninvasive option for pepping up your eyes and leaving them tight, smooth, and more youthful looking.       

For more information on Belotero Balance and how it can improve the appearance of your eyes, call us to make an appointment today.  

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