Our Best Winter Skin Care Tips

Whether you embrace winter weather for its brisk air and sparkling snow, or you hate it for its freezing temperatures and icy roads, there’s one thing we all share during the colder months of the year: We’re all prone to developing dry, itchy skin. 

Fortunately, there are some really simple steps you can take to counteract the dryness and keep your skin soft, smooth, and healthy.

At Chicque Aesthetics in Greenwich, Connecticut, we offer custom skin care solutions using state-of-the-art products and technology to improve skin health from the inside out. If you’re dreading dry skin this winter, here are eight things you can do to improve your skin’s health and texture.

1. Stay hydrated

Skin needs plenty of moisture from the inside. But it’s not enough to just drink — what you drink matters, too. Holiday-flavored coffees and cocoas are festive, but they also contain caffeine, a diuretic that can actually rob your skin (and the rest of your body) of moisture. 

2. Lower the thermostat

Indoor heating is drying, and the more heat you have, the drier your air can be. Lowering your thermostat by just a few degrees can help the air retain more moisture so your skin is less dry and itchy. Plus, you’ll save on energy bills and help the environment.

3. Use a humidifier

Since indoor heat takes moisture out of the air, it makes sense to do all you can to put some moisture back in. Consider using a humidifier in your home — especially in your bedroom, home office, and living room, where you tend to spend the most time. 

Some humidifiers are on wheels, so it’s easier to move the unit from one room to another. 

4. Don’t skip the sunscreen

It might look gray and feel cold, but the sun’s UV rays are still out there. UV rays can penetrate cloud cover, so even though the sun is low in the sky during winter, those UV rays still penetrate your skin. 

Wear sunscreen anytime you go outdoors, and apply it frequently if you’re involved in an activity like skiing or sledding.

5. Limit shower time (yes, baths too)

There’s nothing like a hot shower or bath after a day in the cold. The problem is, hot water dissolves oils — including the oils that help protect your skin and keep it soft, smooth, and healthy. 

Spend too much time in hot water, and your skin will be stripped of those important natural emollients. Try to keep your showers short and skip baths until spring — and look for cuddly warmth in the comfort of an electric blanket or fleece pajamas, instead.

6. Slather on the moisturizer

Regular applications of moisturizer can go a long way toward protecting your skin from winter damage, but you need to apply it often — and you need to choose the right type. Winter is a good time for thicker formulations, especially if you’re applying them before bed. 

If your skin is acne prone, use heavier creams for your body and a lighter cream for your face. You can also apply an essential oil before your moisturizer for added benefits.

7. Rethink your skin care products

Many skin care and personal care products contain harsh chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, and alcohol, all of which can irritate or dry your skin. This winter, replace those products with gentler options to avoid irritating skin that’s already dry and itchy.

8. Check out a medical spa

Not only can our medical spa specialists help your skin stay healthy and beautiful, but visiting a medical spa in the middle of winter is a great way to banish the cold weather blues. 

Our team provides custom-tailored solutions, like state-of-the-art skin resurfacing, aimed at helping every patient look and feel great, all year round. 

Enjoy your best skin this winter

Who says winter has to be bad for your skin? With just a little extra TLC, your skin can weather the winter and emerge smooth, soft, and springtime ready. 

To learn what else you can do to keep your skin its healthy best, call us at 475-209-5768 or use our online form to schedule your one-on-one consultation.

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