Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport: Which Is Right for Me?

Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport: Which Is Right for Me?

With age comes wisdom — and also plenty of wrinkles. Having more wisdom is great, but having more wrinkles … not so much. 

That’s probably why millions of Americans turn to “wrinkle-smoothing” injections every year. In fact, Botox® and its competitors, Dysport® and Xeomin®, top the list of the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, with more than 4 million injections performed each year.

All three agents — Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin — can do a great job in treating wrinkles around your eyes, forehead, and mouth. But how can you decide which one is right for you?

At Chicque Aesthetics, our team specializes in custom treatments aimed at helping every patient at our Greenwich, Connecticut, practice get just the results they’re looking for, achieving natural results that help them look and feel their best. Here’s what they want you to know about these three wrinkle-blasting agents and how they compare.

How neuromodulators work

Unlike dermal fillers that “plump up” wrinkles and restore lost volume, neuromodulators work by preventing lines and wrinkles from forming. 

Every time you make a facial expression, nerves send signals that cause your facial muscles to contract. Those contractions tug on your skin, forming lines and wrinkles. Neuromodulators block the nerve signals so lines don’t form.

Lines and wrinkles that form as a result of facial movements are called dynamic wrinkles, and these are the kind of wrinkles neuromodulators target. They include:

Dermal fillers are designed to treat static wrinkles — lines that form as a result of age, sun damage, genetics, and other factors unrelated to facial expressions.

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin: Key differences

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are all made from the same key ingredient — a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. All three agents are injected, and all three are used to treat dynamic wrinkles. So how do they differ?

Accessory proteins vs. “naked” formulation

Both Botox and Dysport contain accessory proteins as part of their formulations. These proteins affect the way the neuromodulators disperse and act. Some people develop reactions to these tiny proteins, which means they wouldn’t be good candidates for either of these products.

Xeomin is a “naked” product, meaning it only contains the neuromodulator with no added proteins or other components. As a result, Xeomin can be a good choice for people who may be sensitive to Botox or Dysport.


Because Xeomin doesn’t contain any added ingredients, it tends to disperse over a wider area than the other two agents. Between Dysport and Botox, Dysport may “drift” over a larger area than Botox. 

You may think it’s better to have the solution remain specifically where it’s injected, but really, it depends on the wrinkles that are being treated. Wider dispersion might be beneficial for some areas of the face, while in other areas, you might need an agent that remains “in place.” Since our providers are skilled in all three agents, they can determine which is best for your goals.

Onset of effect

After injection, it can take a little time before you see the effects of your injections. In general, Dysport is typically the fastest, with results showing up within 2-3 days. Xeomin results typically take 5-6 days to appear, while the effects of Botox are visible in about 7-10 days on average.

Length of effect

Both Botox and Dysport may last a little longer, thanks to the “shielding” effect of the proteins that surround the botulinum molecules. But these proteins may also “blunt” the effect of the product, which means you may need more product to achieve the effect you want.

Alternatively, because Xeomin may have a slightly shorter duration of effect, you might need more frequent applications. All three products last an average of 3-6 months. 

Choosing the right agent

Still not sure which agent is right for you? No worries — our providers are experienced in all three choices. They can make the best recommendation based on your treatment goals so you can feel confident in your results.

To learn more about Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin or to find out how we can combine these treatments with dermal fillers for a “liquid facelift,” call Chicque Aesthetics at 475-209-5769 or book an appointment online today. 

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