Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Healthy Solution for Men With Testosterone Deficiency

When you think of hormonal fluctuations, you likely think of a woman going through menopause and trying to alleviate hot flashes with an open freezer. But men go through hormonal changes as they age just like women do.

Unfortunately, men often don’t feel comfortable enough to talk about hormonal changes and some of the symptoms associated with them. So it’s possible that you could have a testosterone deficiency and not even know it. 

Our providers at Chicque Aesthetics in Greenwich, Connecticut, are proud to offer a full range of med spa services. We’re excited to offer you bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men with testosterone deficiencies. 

What is a testosterone deficiency?

Testosterone is the hormone that encourages your libido, or your sex drive. During puberty, testosterone is also the hormone that’s responsible for the growth of your facial hair and the deepening of your voice. Testosterone helps keep your bones strong and maintains your muscle mass.

Your testosterone levels stay up until the age of 30, when your testosterone production steeply declines. Symptoms may not appear right away, but as time goes on your testosterone levels will continue to fall and you may begin feeling worse and worse. 

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency 

When your testosterone drops, your body doesn’t function normally and you start to experience the symptoms of low testosterone like:

Another common symptom of a testosterone deficiency is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a common medical condition that affects men’s ability to have and sustain an erection long enough for intercourse. 

In addition to affecting your physical health, erectile dysfunction can also have a serious impact on your mental health, leaving you self-conscious about sex and impacting your intimate relationships. 

How bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help

To diagnose low testosterone levels, we run a complete physical exam and a serum test where we check your testosterone levels with a sample of your blood. 

With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we give you a mix of bioidentical hormones that are easily absorbed by your body. We insert a small pellet in your buttocks that contains a customized amount of testosterone. The pellet gradually releases bioidentical hormones into your body, rebalancing your testosterone levels so your troublesome symptoms resolve.

Some patients see results in as little as seven to 10 days. However, it may take several weeks for your hormone levels to stabilize and several months for your hormones to balance completely.

For more information on how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can benefit you, call our office or make an appointment online today.

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